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Q.  How is AIDS different from other serious illnesses.?
Ans. HIV/AIDS is different from other illnesses because:-
  • HIV/AIDS affects people at the most productive age (15-49 yrs.)
  • AIDS is incurable at the moment particularly killing younger people.
  • There are no specific symptoms in the initial years. So the HIV infection goes unnoticed for several years. That is why AIDS is called a silent killer.
  • HIV infection is preventable.
  • Stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS hinders with the prevention as well as care and support efforts.
  • It predominantly spreads through sexual contact Sexual behavior being in private domain, sex is a taboo in most of societies. Hence correct information dies not reach people.
  • We all need to know about HIV/AIDS as it can happen to any one.
  • Everyone can play a role in prevention of this infection.