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Q. 13 What are the symptoms of AIDS?
Ans. AIDS is a condition of weakened immune system caused by HIV infection. In this condition symptoms of various opportunistic infections appear causing certain cancers, tumors, tuberculosis, pneumonia, brain and skin related problems.

According to WHO, main signs/symptoms are;
(A)   Major Signs:

Ø   Weight loss(<10% of body weight)
Ø   Persistent fever for longer than a month.
Ø   Chronic diarrhea for longer than a month.

(B)   Minor Signs;

Ø   Persistent cough
Ø   General itchy skin diseases
Ø   Thrush in mouth and throat
Ø   Recurring shingles (herpes zoster)
Ø   Long lasting swelling of the lymph glands

v   Only on the basis of symptoms, HIV/AIDS cannot be confirmed. A blood test is necessary.