Goals for the condom program in Uttar Pradesh

The Goal of the social marketing programs is to contribute in achieving NACP goal of reversing and halting the HIV epidemic in India. This goal is aimed to be achieved through design, development and systematic implementation of condom promotion programs to promote condom to 100% of high risk and bridge population in the state.

Current condom promotion program Initiatives

The social marketing programs in Uttar Pradesh are implemented by Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust, nearly 3,50,000 outlets are serviced annually with socially marketed condoms. The rural market contributed 72% of the total socially marketed outlets. (Source: Nielsen, Sep’13)

An analysis of the social marketed brands in the State, indicates that Nirodh deluxe lead the market with 52% of market share and contributes 67% of total social marketed condoms in rural. (Source: Nielsen, Sep 2013)

Increase in off take of Social Marketing condoms from 205 million to 316 million. (Source: Nielsen 2008-2012)