Scope of NGOs

  • To provide High Risk Groups (HRGs)/ Bridge Groups with the information, means and skills to minimize HIV transmission and improving their access to care, support and treatment services.
  • To reduce high risk behaviour among them.
  • To keep the level of epidemic in high risk groups under control.
  • Provide advocacy to key stakeholders/power structures response system.
  • Build capacity of community groups to assume ownership of the programme and formation of various committees like DIC Management Committee and Clinic Committee.

Whom is a TI designed for

  • Core Groups: Groups who have high level of vulnerability to HIV infection
    e.g; FSWs,MSMs, IDUs.
  • Bridge Groups: Groups who have high levels of vulnerability but are at a lesser risk
    e.g; Truckers, Street Children, Migrant Labourers, Jail Inmates.

Component of TI