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Q.1 How is AIDS different from other serious illnesses.?
Ans. HIV/AIDS is different from other illnesses because:-
  • HIV/AIDS affects people at the most productive age (15-49 yrs.)
  • AIDS is incurable at the moment particularly killing younger people.
  • There are no specific symptoms in the initial years. So the HIV infection goes unnoticed for several years. That is why AIDS is called a silent killer.
  • HIV infection is preventable.
  • Stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS hinders with the prevention as well as care and support efforts.
  • It predominantly spreads through sexual contact Sexual behavior being in private domain, sex is a taboo in most of societies. Hence correct information dies not reach people.
  • We all need to know about HIV/AIDS as it can happen to any one.
  • Everyone can play a role in prevention of this infection.
Q.2 What is HIV ? and How does it affect us ?
Ans. HIV stands for:-
  • H= Human
  • I=Immuno-deficiency
  • V=Virus
HIV, after entering the human body, gradually destroys the immune system i.e. ability to fight infections/diseases.

As it is a human virus. It is found only in human beings.
  • There are no immediate and specific symptoms of HIV infection, generally.
  • HIV infection does not mean that a person has AIDS.
Q.3 What is AIDS ?
Ans. A = Acquired
I = Immune
D = Deficiency
S = Syndrome

  • AIDS is the later stage of infection with HIV. It is a condition in which a group of symptoms appear as the immune system becomes very weak.
  • It may take around 10-12 years from the stage of HIV infection to the stage of AIDS. This time varies from person to person, based on health status, life styles and ability to afford the treatment.
  • With the introduction of Anti Retroviral Treatment (ART), this duration can be further increased.
  • HIV infected people can live productive lives for years.
  • Life span of HIV positive people can be extended with the ART.