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The program start date of at U.P state was 1st May 2013, for over one year of implementation of Vihaan strategies UPNP plus claims to have following major achievements under the program:

  • Successful launching of Vihaan project at all 18 assigned district of UP
  • All district wise 15 CSC & 3 HD is established & is fully functional with appropriate appointment of trained staff.
  • Organization participated at four State Oversight Committee Meeting (SOC) (once in Qtr) and submitted the compliance report to UPSACS.
  • Organization oriented all TI P.Os for better understanding of Vihaan project strategies to conduct supportive supervisions at the district.
  • Through sincere efforts of UPSACS & UPNPplus all district level ARTC/CSC coordination meeting is regularized.
  • DPM of all DAPCUs participated in ORW training programme for understand role & responsibility ORW, their geographical working areas & level of coordination desired for LFU tracking & SP scheme.
  • Formation of Support Group forum like pregnant women SGM, children SGM, male SGM, single or widow women SGM.
  • Organized 4 Sub Sub Recipient (SSR) coordination meeting (once in Qtr) for better programme rollout at State Level.
  • Organized 4 Sub Sub Recipient (SSR) coordination meeting (once in Qtr) at State Level.
  • A state level advocacy issue has been identified and draft report is pursued to various stakeholders.
  • Organized 4 successful State level Advocacy meeting for addressing different PLHIV issues.

An overview of the achievements against core indicators;

The achievement during the quarter as of Global Fund Indicators was as follows:

  • No of PLHIVs registered in ART Center and on ART are registered in the CSC during annual was 13,044
  • No of PLHIV in Pre ART phase who get registered at the CSC during annual was 4,822
  • No of registered PLHIVs receiving at least one counselling service during annual 13,405
  • No of registered PLHIVs receiving at least one counselling session on thematic areas during annual was 14,835.
  • No of PLHIV whose at least one family member or sexual partner referred for HIV testing and received test result during annual was 799
  • No of PLHIV registered in the CSC linked to Govt. social welfare and social entitlement scheme during annual was 2030
  • Proportion of PLHIV lost to follow up (LFU) brought back to treatment during annual was 706

Display of Signboard at CSC & ART

Support Group Meeting(SGM) at CSC & Field & ARTC

ART & CSC Coordination Meeting