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Based on earlier experience and evidence of impact and reach, variety of media vehicles and channels will be used in the financial year 2013-14 to address the gaps identified above. The communication strategy for the HIV/AIDS programme in the state has been developed in such a way that the media vehicles or a mix of them appropriate in the given context may be used. All the activities such as Mid-Media campaign for Red Ribbon Express Project through dedicated IEC Vans, folk media campaign, special awareness programs at Mela/Mahotsav, outdoor media will take place in the focus districts as mentioned earlier.

Communication strategy will focus on:

  • Prevention of transmission of HIV/AIDS/STI through sexual route – messageswill focus on ‘Abstinence’ till right age of having sex, ‘Be Faithful’ to your partner and ‘Correct & Consistent’ use of condom. Vulnerability of the migrants will also be highlighted.
  • Messages will be designed for promoting the awareness about and improving access/ utilization of services like ICTC/PPTCT/STI/ART/CCC/DIC etc.
  • Addressing stigma and discrimination against PLHIV.
  • Specific focused activity, messages and mediums targeting migrants in the identified districts and points.