Australian Federal Election 2022 – Date, Candidates, Parties & More

The Australian Federal Election 2022 is taking place on 21st May 2022. Voters have already started voting, and if you are not available on this day, then you can vote now to make sure that your vote counts. This time in the federal elections, a record number of voters are voting early as they are being sick of these election campaigns. If you also want to avoid the long queues on 21st May, then you can use your vote now. Below, we have complete information on the Australian Federal Election, winning prediction, and more.

Australian Federal Election 2022

The Australian Federal Election will begin on May 21st, 2022. According to the information coming from the news reports, the officials have unfolded the early voting for all the voters across the country. Early voting is available at hundreds of polling stations across the country. 

The Federal election early voting started on May 09th, 2022. Since the morning of May 9th, the early voting is going on several seats. This time in the Australian election polls, it is predicted that a record no of early voters will vote. This trend is going on because most voters want to cast their vote before 21st May 2022.

Election Name Australian Federal Election 2022
Election Body Australian Electoral Commission
Election Date 21st May 2022
First Day Ballots 314,095
Total Pre-poll on 13th May 2022 1.2 Million+
Hinkler Early Voters 18,060
Gilmore Early Voters 16,902
Paterson Early Voters 16,271
Richmond Early Voters 15,111

As the Australian Federal Elections gathers pace, most voters have already announced their winner. Most voters are looking to vote for Morrison in these federal elections. The long queues can be already seen at different polling stations across the country and this is because the voters all want to cast the vote before 21 May.

The polling stations are much more crowded than on the actual polling day. According to the officials, you can vote early if you are travelling on election day. Not only for the travellers but if you are sick or working on the actual polling day, then you are also allowed to vote early in the 2022 federal elections. Below, we have shared complete information about the Australian Federal election 2022 polls, early voting, and more.

Federal Election 2022 Early Voting

Voters have already started voting at different polling stations. This is for the first time that a record no of voters have been seen voting before the actual polling day which is set for 21st May 2022. There have been long queues at the Australian election polls all around.

There can be several reasons why voters are casting their vote before the actual polling day. But as described by the officials, if you are working, sick, travelling, or in a hospital due for some reason, then you are allowed to cast your vote early. Moreover, you don’t have to fill up an application form to cast your vote early at the polling station.

However, if you are voting early, then you do need to apply to cast a Postal Vote and they need to be complete before or on May 21st. Not just that, if you are in covid isolation then you are allowed to vote over the phone. 

According to data by 7News Australia, early voting has seen a rise. In 2013, there were only 26% of voters voted early. However, year by year there has been a rise in the early voting. In the Australian Federal election 2019, there were almost 41% of voters cast their vote early. As per the experts, there will be more than 50% of Australians are likely to cast their vote early.

Australian Federal Election

National Party Fight for Australian Federal Elections

The deputy Prime Minister of Australia Barnaby Joyce is doing what he does best. The Deputy Prime minister is away from the big screens. According to him, he only fights for regional people. He has been giving a green signal to all the big projects in different regions since the election is here. 

He has recently announced $20 billion allowances for all the big projects such as inland rails, dams, and roads. On the other hand, we have seen Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese facing each other in the final debate which was conducted before the Australian Federal elections. 

Australian Federal Election Winner Prediction

Morrison and Anthony have gone head to head before the federal elections for the final debate. According to the final debate votes, Anthony will be winning the federal elections. There are a total of more than 50% of voters who voted for Albanese in the final debate. On the other side, 34% remain on Morrison’s side and 16% of voters remain undecided.

So, this was all about the Australian Federal Election 2022 polls. Hopefully, you will like our approach and will have got all the information you need regarding the Australian Federal Election 2022 Early Voting. If you still have any questions or suggestions, then do let us know in the comment section below.

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