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Check here for the latest information on the Board Exam Cancellation news. Students and parents are asking that the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) suspend the 10th and 12th term 2 tests in 2022 due to increased COVID-19 cases. Can CBSE, however, cancel the 10th and 12th term 2 examinations in 2022? When the CBSE announced the unique scheme for the examinations for the academic session 2021-22 last year, it said that if the term 2 tests could not be held, the results would be based on the students’ performance in the term 1 MCQ exam.

Board Exam Cancellation

Concerns have been raised over the impending CBSE Term 2 Exam 2022 since the number of COVID-19 instances in Delhi-NCR has increased and the news about the Board Exam Cancellation comes out. COVID positive samples were recorded among students and staff members at many schools in Delhi-NCR last week, including a few private institutions in Noida and Ghaziabad. The sudden increase in instances throughout the country has caused significant anxiety among students, parents, and even test organisers regarding the practicality of taking offline examinations like the CBSE 10th and 12th Exam 2022 for Term 2.

CBSE board Exam starts in April 2022. With less than a week until the CBSE 10th and 12th Term 2 Exams 2022, schools and test centres are anxious about how the offline exam will be conducted. Exam centres were making preparations under the same modified guidelines and precautionary measures until the beginning of April when the COVID situation was under control. Even though several professionals have said that the instances are primarily mild and that hospitalisation is still uncommon, parents and students are concerned. As a result, students and parents have gone to twitter to demand for Board Exam Cancellation and MCQs, home centres, and other alternative methods are used instead. Additional details concerning the Board Exam Cancellation may be found further below.

Board Exam Cancellation Additional Information

The Supreme Court agreed to hear a plea seeking to cancel CBSE and other boards’ offline physical board examinations for classes 10 and 12 planned for this year on Monday, February 21. The bench, which included Chief Justice NV Ramana, took note of a lawyer’s request for an early hearing. Extra details about the Board Exam Cancellation may be found further below –

“Board Exam Cancellation”
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Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, an offline examination should not be performed and the request about the Board Exam Cancellation will be accepted. Anubha Shrivastava Sahai, an activist, has filed a petition with the CBSE and other educational boards, requesting orders to offer board examinations for classes 10 and 12 online. However, the recent flare, particularly in schools in the Delhi and NCR districts, has served as a warning to most exam centre administrators, who have stated that rigorous adherence to COVID-19 standards would be required.

Board Exam Cancellation

Board Exam Cancellation Updates

  • Several CBSE, ICSE, and ISC students have launched online petitions for Board Exam Cancellation.
  • Students have been petitioning the CBSE Board to cancel the upcoming CBSE 10th and 12th Term 2 Exams 2022, citing health concerns and possibly getting COVID-19 during the examination.
  • Students said that safety procedures such as mask requirements are challenging, especially considering the extreme heat.
  • Many students have stated that invigilators would have a tough time ensuring that all pupils wear face masks for the length of the exam.
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Board Exam Supreme Court Decision

In addition, the petition requests that school boards be ordered to establish alternate assessment methodologies. The CBSE has set April 26 as the term -3  board examinations for classes 10 and 12. On Twitter, several students, parents, and activists adopted the hashtag #InternalAssessmentForAll2022 to raise awareness and request for Board Exam Cancellation. Many said that students would struggle to appear for board exams with little preparation while dealing with a learning gap following nearly two years of school closure.

Students from 15 states have asked the Supreme Court to interfere in board examinations administered by the CBSE, COSCE, National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), and other state boards. The petitioners also required alternative evaluation processes rather than written tests or Board Exam Cancellation. CBSE, CISCE, and a few other boards have already held term 1 examinations. The CISCE has also issued the examinations for term 1 or semester one. CBSE and ICSE will hold their final reviews for term two in April. After term two examinations, both boards will announce final results with a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ status. 

The CISCE recently suggested that schools postpone pre-boards for semester two examinations until the ICSE (Class 10) and ISC (Class 12) curriculum have been completed and modified. The CBSE term one board exams are yet to be released. It is expected to be released soon, according to the official website.

Board Exam Cancellation Twitter campaigns

Students and stakeholders continue to campaign on Twitter, and all eyes are now on the Supreme Court hearing. Alternatives to offline exams include calculating outcomes based on Internal Assessment Marks (which allows for cancelling board examinations), deferring tests later, and giving online exams or asking for Board Exam Cancellation.

Meanwhile, in preparation for the 2022 Board Exams, numerous state boards have encouraged students to get fully immunised as soon as feasible. Only time will tell how the Supreme Court hearing will turn out. Students should continue their studies while keeping an eye on this page for the most up-to-date information.

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      • Please sir please 🥺 cancel the board exam we are getting very diprest, frastrated, beacuse we don’t have writting practise and there are no MCQ sir please cancel the exam or take it online please sir we request you I bet almost 60 student in Indian wanted to cancel or take exam online sir i request you to please this faver for us ….

        • Don’t think so … Didn’t ur schools have u practice test??? Don’t worry… Just write it like any other exam…

        • #cancel boardexams it’s actually kinda hard to appear for board exams with lil preparation after a whole gap of 2yrs also what if any kid or student got COVID who is responsible for tht?

      • the term 1 exams were taken to ensure that if there is any wave later the term 1 exams will be considered as final . we had 6 months to prepare for term 1 ‘objective ‘ type exams . but only 2 months to prepare for the written exams which are much lengthier. our +1 and +2 class were ruined due this pandemic outbreak . only online classes were held . . everything is just a mess for us now . And the simple thing is that if we give our term 2 exams it will not change the fact that we have to give an entrance exam like jee etc to get a college . board exam now doesn’t play any role for us but to brag about our percentage among our relatives. (if we got 95 or above which u know is not very practical 😂)

    • Yes bro board ( term2) exam to be cancelled ,because in Delhi NCR the case are also rising due to covid 4th wave 🌊 and it is the mater that board should give the marks on internal assessments and term 1

      • Wdym based on term 1? And internal assessments, those who did bad in term 2 should be given a chance to prove themselves in term 2! This way we’ll get low percentage and just because this percentage wont help us get into a college atleast it will save us from our society’s tane!

    • Cancle board exams (cbse) ok I will support that because till 10 class i was also studying in cbse but when I changed into ssc after 10 for my inter .the cbse was soooo goood taking care and responsibilities of children where as ssc they r making to write offline exams for just

    • Sir we will appear in exam if we infected COVID-19🦠😷 me who will be responsible for that if anything happened to us mean will board take responsible for that

  1. Children are the future of our country which should be saved at all costs.. lives of thousands and lakhs of kids cannot be on bet just becas of these exam system. Kids are under so much mental pressure and sufferers in each way whether it is about of suffering from covid 19 by themselves or in their family members..Assessment should be done on their performance basis or online MCQ method. Nothing can be more important than the lives of students. Besides, when there is already an entrance test is introduced by govt itself what is the logic of taking these offline mode exams putting lives in danger. I request CBSE and Supreme Court to be sympathetic keeping in view the rising cases of covid now.

    • I think that too but i believe u haven’t gotten covid youself or have seen a family member get it. I have seen long covid and permanent hearth conditions caused by it. I don’t think a mere exam is worth the risk

      • i agree with the statement, we know we all did quiet bad for term 1 , and we were all looking forward to writing the term 2 exam but due to this increase in covid cases writing an offline is a high risk situation. even though we might not get covid after going offline we could still be carriers and could spread the disease to others , so its not worth the risk.

    • Yes, term 2 should and ought to be conducted otherwise all our hardwork for term 2 will be in vain.
      Term 1 result was not good and we don’t want our result yo be based on term 1 performance. As term 1 exam preparation was completely online. But we have learnt from our mistakes and we are working hard for term 2 and now you can’t cancel the term 2……

  2. Whatever is to be decided …plz decide soon .students have to prepare for competitive exams .decide at one shot take the exam or not .atleast don’t waste valuable time of students writing such posts .It creates hell lot of confusion and disturbance .

  3. CBSE Term 2 exam cancelled or not
    Broad have a choice they can give the results by seeing the term 1 results.
    Why are they irritating us.

  4. Yes,I also agree for boards cancellation because COVID 19 increase day by day and students have not prepared for their exam . So, I request cbse to take any action as soon as possible in students favour.

  5. This exam should be cancelled…..
    We don’t wanna die so soon….
    We’re the future of this country….
    Not that we haven’t studied but yes the frustration that we’re having right now is very harsh

  6. Sir health is important and education too.pleas cancel the paper of board if in between of exam if any student gets infected than what he wil appears in supplement exam which is wrong rule should be same for every student last year exam cancel due to covid this time students have given one term of board than why our children are on risk.

  7. Bhai ye sab faltu baate hai. Board exam hone chahiye. Tum log mahine bhar se board exam cancel karne ke liye kaha rahe ho. Is se badiya padahi kar lete toh accha result aata.

    • Please cancel board exam , Cbse board please listen to us if any of your family member got covid then you will know the pain . Because I know the pain and many people’s are struggling form this .
      Please cancel board exams 🙏🙏🙏
      You can give us marks by basing term 1

  8. Sir with a demand of cancellation of term 2 it’s a humble request to not to finalize term1 marks 🙏 please . It’s been unfair however in schools many malpractices have been done including my school so , pls term 1 marks not to be considered even though I have got good marks I’m suggesting And even is a request pls pls pls don’t consider term1 marks🙏.

  9. Please cancel board exam. online pardha ke offline exam liya jaa raha hai 2 saal se kuch ni pardhe hai hum log ke saath galat ho raha hai chal pure CBSE ke students strike karte hai. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Yes,I also agree for boards cancellation because COVID 19 increase day by day and students have not prepared for their exam . So, I request cbse to take any action as soon as possible in students favour

  11. Sir please take boards exam. Whereas approximately all students of class 10th and 12th got fully vaccinated. And most of the students who are blow the average (students who pass only by 50 to 60 percent Mark’s and scored 80 to 90 percentage of Mark’s in term 1 with the help of cheating want board exams to be cancelled.

  12. Due to increasing of the Covid 19 cases in many states and if we conducting the off-line exams in these centres or schools it create many problems that is students cannot wear the marks mask till the length of the exams and due to the increasing of Covid 19 cases student has to protect them and we should never put the life of the student in danger so CBSE can conduct online exam or they can cancel the examination we are not asking you that you should cancel the examination but due to the increase of COVID-19 cases we have to Secure our life and our family members
    Thank you 🙏

  13. Please just don’t cancel the exams. Exams are gonna held for 5-6 days only . Let’s take precautions, but no need for the cancellation.

  14. I am a parent and i am concerned if my child gets Covid 19 then his one year would be wasted. Please cancel board exams
    #Cancel Board Exams

  15. I got covid before the exam of term 1. My family also got was so tough my parents were so mom had some other probs due to COVID.i don’t know how i writed that was so difficult for me and family.this time also have some problems due to covid(my covid is over but also some physical problems) .so pls cbse cancel this is first not grades.for grades don’t kill students.i can’t suffer one more time this COVID pls understand

  16. there is a continuous increase in covid -19 cases day by day please cancel the term 2 exam and give the marks on basis of the term 1 exam.

  17. sir board exam should be cancle or taking in online mode because of COVID 19 we can’t learn anything so pls help us🥺😭🙏🙏🙏🙏

  18. What .! if many students didn’t gave their term 1..? They However want to give term 2 exam even me too. i try my best and do hardwork for my term 2. In my view and many other students who had to give term 2 only and get marks good as per their hardwork, they all decide to conduct term 2 examination strictly with taking care of covid 19 teachers as well as students too. And yeah..! Who ever had covid 19 already or places where covid increases, there need to cbse think about it and take action soon,. So that students who want to give exam they can, and who didn’t want, they might be ofcourse from these places,. My point on this topic is “cbse should conduct examination”. That’s all.

  19. Cancel the board exam because of COVID 19 Many of Students lost their parents. And many of Students facing COVID positive so,
    we all are requesting to cancelled the cbse board examination 2022.

  20. As last year also many exams were held even the situation was worse and many people died last year . Whether students or parents both are at risk if exams be conducted and tell me who will be responsible then. Actually government even don’t know the consequences of this because speaking that exams will be conducted as per decision that is offline with precautions is so easy but to make that conduct is so hard. So why the government is so hard on students why not goverment declare the result on previous basis.

  21. Everybody who are asking CBSE to cancel term 2 examination are the one who don’t care about examination or Studies. Covid is merely an Excuse these same people were going for vacation and watching KGF 2 in cinema, attending School Farewell without an ounce of worry.

    Once board declares the cancellation of exam theses people will First plan their trip to various part of country without fearing covid, hot weathers etc.

    Probably they are the rich and wealthy people whi have business to be Handelled by their kids when they grew up. They don’t need education.

    Education is the need of common and poor people whose entire family’s future depends on education. These are the kids who are burning themselves like a midnight oil for preparation of exam and improving their grades. They are actual future of our Nation and not who are merely asking to cancel the exam and get nice percentage without any effort. Because they know they can’t manage to even pass with decent percentage when actually exam conducted.

    Jai Hind

    • Are hmne bhus dhoya h bhaiya krdo cancel exam or agr corona ho gya na hme to rh jaego bhus😂or tyari vaise hi na h😒😥😂

  22. yes board exam should take place…there are students who scored less in term 1 examination and they are working really hard to do well in term 2 exams…

  23. It should be cancelled. Because borders r opened. We dnt know who is cmng from where. Cbse should not take risk. It’s communicable if any student immunity will not good then it will dangerous. So because sake of our chole life it should be cancelled. On basis of term 1 marks should be gven



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