The Boys Season 3 Episode 4 – Release Date & Time, Spoilers

The third season of the popular superhero series The Boys returned to Amazon Prime streaming last week. While the first three episodes were accessible to stream on June 3, the remaining episodes will be published weekly beginning on June 10. (June 11 in India). The Boys is a series about superheroes with a sinister edge. The programme explores the age-old issue, “What if superheroes were real, but not magnificent and heroic, but rather arrogant, arrogant, and evil?” The Boys takes place in a world where superheroes are employed by the powerful business Watt International, which advertises and monetises them. If you have been excitedly anticipating the release of the Boys Season 3 Episode 4, here is all you need to know.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 4


There will be a total of eight episodes in Season 3 of Boys. The fourth episode of the series will debut on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, June 10, 2022. It is crucial to remember that the precise time you may view new episodes varies on your country of residence and time zone.

In contrast to other superhero worlds, the most realistic Billy the Butcher does not consider possessing abilities to be a duty. Ultimately, in Season 3, Episode 4 of “The Boys,” Butcher delivers one of the most memorable lines by referring to these talents as a punishment. Then why not? When you get superpowers by a simple injection and then continue to slaughter people without any training, purpose, or remorse, you are definitely a weapon of mass devastation.

Homenalder offers a hand of friendship to his public opponent, Victoria Neuman, to plot against Stan Edgar and temporarily remove him from the board of directors in order to further explore his desire for power and control over Vought International in episode 4. In addition to “The Seven’s” internal intrigues, this episode reveals Butcher’s brutal conduct towards his teammates, which may cause many to abandon the squad. And then, we catch sight of the modern-day Soldier Boy.

Spoilers Caution: Do Not Continue Reading If You Have Not Seen Episode 4. Different regions are releasing the episode at different times.

Stan Edgar Vs. Homelander

Edgar, the CEO of Vought International, and Homelander have been battling like cats and dogs for aeons, but despite their mutual hatred, they have never attempted to assault each other personally. Edgar knows that Homelaner is the face of Vought International and their most valuable asset, and thus cannot be easily kicked out. However, for Homelaner, going against Edgar would mean going against the corporation that writes his checks and pays for his $1 million public relations campaign, and we all know how much Homelander craves attention and validation. What if, though, Homelander could evict Edgar without endangering his friendship with Vought?

In Season 3, Episode 3 of “The Boys,” Homelander delivered a groundbreaking and daring statement about how wealthy people were using him as a puppet and he was no longer going to obey their directions. Not only did the audience respond well to his speech, but it also gave him the courage to be more genuine about his personality. In Season 3, Episode 4 of “The Boys,” Homelander appeared on the Cameron Coleman talk show and attempted to become a whistleblower, implying that he would divulge the identities of the influential guys in the management who had been pulling all the strings. Edgar instructed his adoptive daughter, Victoria Neuman, the head of FBSA, to penalise Homelander in order to put him in his place, since it was a direct assault on him.

Neuman forged an agreement with Homelaner because she was worried for her daughter Zoe’s safety and did not want to anger Homelander. In exchange for assisting Homelander and opening a public inquiry on Stanford Edgar for his fraudulent practises in Vought, she requested that Homelander bring her a vial of Compound V, which she injected into her daughter to turn her into a supe so that she would be able to defend herself against all future adversaries. Neuman likely assumed that the substance would give security for her daughter’s life, but what if its adverse effects caused her death or transformed her into a monstrous-appearing superhuman? Would Neuman be able to live with such remorse? Who would she hold accountable for her daughter’s tragedy?

The Boys Season 3 Episode 4

Homelander Kills Supersonic

Since the day Edgar appointed her co-captain, Homelander has been tormenting Starlight. She intended to quit the squad immediately, but Hughie asked her to remain and buy them some time, as he was on a mission to acquire an ultimate superweapon named “B.C.L. R.E.D.” that could possibly kill Homelander and end all their woes with one strike. While Hughie and “The Boys” searched for the weapon, Starlight considered assembling a resistance force against Homelander, whose members would try to distract Homelander’s attention so that Butcher could take a clean shot at him if he ever discovered the weapon.

Starlight reached Queen Maeve swiftly and discovered that she was the one who informed Butcher about this ultimate supergun. Starlight entrusted her covert resistance unit to her ex-boyfriend Supersonic, the newest member of “The Seven,” despite Maeve’s clear explanation of why fighting alone is often quite advantageous. Bloodshed might have been prevented if Supersonic had kept the truth a “secret,” but when he saw that A-Train and Deep were fighting in the lobby, he believed that A-Train, whom Homelander no longer supports, could join the resistance squad as well. Little did he realise the history of A-train and Deep, who would betray anybody at any moment to remain in “The Seven.” This time, it was Homelander who was tugging the management’s strings, thus A-train wasted no time in ratting on Starlight and Supersonic. Homelander mercilessly murdered Supersonic on the terrace to quell the rebellion and sent a last warning to Starlight that Hughie would be his next victim if she continued to plot against him.

Conclusive Explanation

At the conclusion of Season 3, Episode 3 of “The Boys,” Butcher vomited green liquid over Billy’s face, implying that Billy may discover Butcher’s hidden secret. Without creating any drama, Butcher disclosed to Hughie in Episode 4 that he had injected himself with Temp V or Compound 24 to become a super for 24 hours. Hearing about the potential of the new serum, Hughie got eager to test one on himself, since he had been feeling inept since the beginning of the series. First, Supersonic pursued his supergirlfriend, and then, as a public relations ploy, Homelander referred to Starlight as his woman. Hughie attempted to portray himself as a man of strength, but in front of Homelander, particularly without abilities, he was nothing.

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