GMC Election Result 2022 – Winning Candidate Name, Ward-wise

After a big 9 years of gap, voters are looking for a new party. The GMC Election result 2022 is around the corner and everyone is waiting for them to get announced. The result will be out anytime soon. But the best part about the GMC elections is that there are new parties coming and taking a good fight with the ruling party, BJP. The GMC elections are being held after nine-year, earlier it was held in 2013 when BJP won the elections and came to power.

GMC Election Result 2022


The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) is the government agency in charge of maintaining and administering the city of Guwahati in the Indian state of Assam. Each ward directly elects a member, and the municipal corporation is made up of democratically elected members. Elected members or counsellors choose the mayor and vice mayor from among themselves. Members are elected for a five-year term.

Board Name Guwahati Municipal Corporation
GMC Election Result 2022 Status To Be Announced
Total Candidates 197
Total Wards 57
Ruling Party Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)
Official Website of GMC

Guwahati Municipal Corporation is divided into a total of 26 wards in which each ward has its own member who is being elected by the voters. Any candidate who comes up after being chosen by the voters is elected as the leader. Guwahati is also a metro city of the city so everyone is seeking the GMC Election Result 2022.

GMC Elections Result Today 24 April 2022

After a long gap of 9 years, voters are looking to have a new ruling party in their constituency. BJP has ruled for almost 9 years since 2013 and now the time may have come for them to leave the seat. However, we have to wait for the GMC Election Result 2022, as we cannot predict the result too soon.

According to the information from news sources and media, the last time when elections were held in Guwahati Municipal Corporation, there were only parties fighting big for the seat. However, there were a lot of candidates and parties fighting for the seat, but there were 2 major, BJP and Congress. Both are national parties, so everyone had their eyes on them. But in the end, BJP won the seat by a huge vote margin. Not just that, but BJP also came into power in Assam after 2016 and Congress was reduced to a minor party in the Indian state.

GMC Election Result

GMC Election Result 2022: Who is Leading?

There are a lot of new entries in the constituency after nine years. There is Aam Aadmi Party which is giving clear competition to the National and Central Party, BJP. In the GMC Election result 2022, there are only 2 parties who are fighting big for the seat, AAP and BJP.

According to the information coming from the location, there AAP is the biggest challenge for BJP in different municipal wards like Lakhimpur and Tinsukia. Not only that, but the leader and the Assam PCC president, Bhupen Borah had left the party and started leading AAP in the elections which was a huge loss to the ruling party.

But this doesn’t mean Congress may not bounce back. It is clearly seen in the GMC Election Result 2022, that Congress will be bouncing back as they have set fielding of candidates in 55 different wards. The GMC Election Result 2022 are yet to come and we will see three major parties in these elections for sure: BJP, AAP, and Congress.

According to the state BJP president, Bhabesh Kalita, the party haven’t reached a good amount of voters this time. Maybe there was something that sends them back. However, according to Bhabesh, they are going to win these elections anyhow. He also said that the party had focused on the development and developing nations, in that manner we should win these elections very easily.

GMC Election Result 2022 Prediction

When it comes to the GMC Election Result 2022 prediction, then there are certainly two major parties that outperform all other parties such as Congres and other parties. The first one is definitely the ruling party, BJP. And the second one which is standing apart from the crowd is AAP.

These 2 parties have clear competition. However, when it comes to predicting the winner. Then we cannot do it as of now. There is a lot of time when the GMC Election Result 2022 will be announced. AAP is certainly a fighter in these elections. Moreover, the other parties like Congress will take complete benefit of the candidates who had left the BJP recently. Moreover, AAP will also have the benefits of this situation.

So, this was all about the GMC Election Result 2022. Hopefully, you will like our approach. If you have any questions or suggestions, then do let us know in the comment section.

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