How To increase Platelet Count? Natural Way & Home Remedies

A health condition known as low platelet count occurs when your blood platelets are lower than usual. Compared to red and white blood cells, platelets are the smallest blood cells. In the event of an accident, they support blood clotting and assist in limiting blood loss from the body. They have a lifespan of 5 to 9 days and are quite prevalent in human body. It is crucial to understand How To increase Platelet Count? And Foods To Increase Platelet either naturally or with medicine. In this post, we’ll take a quick look at some natural ways to raise your blood platelet counts under different clinical circumstances.

How To increase Platelet Count?

Increasing platelet count only by diet and exercise might be challenging. In order to return platelet counts to normal in some diseases, such as viral fever and dengue fever, a platelet transfusion must be administered intravenously. That so, the list of foods below might be somewhat helpful if you’re seeking How To increase Platelet Count?

  1. Milk
  2. Green Leafy Vegetables
  3. Papaya Leaf Extract
  4. Pomegranate
  5. Pumpkin
  6. Wheatgrass

Reasons For Low Platelet Count

Loss of platelets is a severe issue since it causes our bodies to lose blood. A lower quantity of platelets may occur for one of two reasons: either too few are being made or too many are being destroyed. Several factors, such as:

  • Reduced platelet production brought on by anaemia, viral infections, leukaemia, chemotherapy, excessive alcohol intake, and vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • The presence of platelets in the spleen as a result of malignancy or a severe liver illness.
  • Platelet deterioration brought on by conditions such ITP, TTP, blood-borne bacterial infection, drug sensitivity, and autoimmune illness.

Fatigue, weakness, persistent bleeding from injuries, rashes on the skin, and bleeding through the urine or stool are some signs of insufficient platelets. However, by making a few lifestyle adjustments and using a few natural therapies, blood platelet count can be raised.

Low Platelets Count Symptoms

Because platelets are crucial for blood coagulation, bleeding will be more likely in someone with thrombocytopenia. The majority of thrombocytopenia symptoms, according to the NHLBITrusted Source, were connected to bleeding.

Symptoms of mild thrombocytopenia are frequently absent. In certain situations, a person might not become aware of their condition until after a normal blood test.

Thrombocytopenia signs often only show up when a person’s platelet levels are extremely low. They may consist of:

  • Bleeding Gums
  • Nosebleeds
  • Blood In The Urine
  • Blood In The Stool Which May Be Bright Red, Black, Or Tarry
  • Severe Menstrual Bleeding

People who develop symptoms should see a doctor right away. Thrombocytopenia, if left untreated, can lead to serious problems.

How To Increase Platelet Count

Increase Platelet Fast In Natural Way

Many dangerous illnesses have long been treated with natural therapies to lessen their severity. The effects of many illnesses on your health might last for years. Some make you feel uncomfortable, while others render you quite frail. Dengue fever is causing your platelet count to continue to drop. By making your blood cells colorless, dengue prevents blood clots from forming. Low platelet counts are a defining feature of thrombocytopenia. It might be harmful to your health. Here are 5 natural strategies to increase platelet count as a result:

  1. Papaya And Its Leaves

Within a few days, papaya and papaya leaves can significantly increase your platelet count. Numerous studies have revealed that papaya leaf juice can raise platelet counts that have been decreased by dengue illness. In fact, you can enjoy and utilise the leaf juice by blending it into your tea.

  1. Giloy

Consuming giloy can assist in naturally raising the platelet count. The Ayurveda root has many advantages, including reducing the effects of dengue illness. They come in juice, powder, and pill form for consumption. You can take the juice twice daily with a small amount of honey added.

  1. Coconut Water

Consuming coconut water is another approach to raise low platelet counts in your body. It is incredibly beneficial to your body, and you should have it twice daily. The high concentrations of electrolytes and minerals in coconut water are beneficial for boosting the number of blood platelets.

  1. Beetroot

One of the natural treatments for dengue fever, beetroot is rich in natural antioxidants and hemostatic components. Within a few days, you will be able to achieve your goals. Additionally, you can combine some carrot juice with beetroot juice to increase its potency.

  1. Amla

Amla is a natural medicine that can assist with dengue fever and platelet count. The strong vitamin C content of amlas aids in raising your blood’s low platelet count. You should consume at least 3 to 4 amlas every morning on an empty stomach. Amla juice can also be enhanced in flavor by adding honey.

How To Increase Platelet Count By Fooding Habits

In this section we have mentioned some of food habits to increase your Increase Platelet Count.

  • Eating More Leafy Greens
  • Eating More Fatty Fish
  • Increasing Folate Consumption
  • Avoiding Alcohol
  • Eating More Citrus
  • Consuming More Iron-Rich Foods

In this way we have mentioned the all the important points of the How To increase Platelet Count? Natural Way & Home Remedies in the above article. For more topics like this one you need to keep visiting our website regularly.


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