JK Police Mobile App, eCOP Uses, Features & Many More

In addition to launching the “JK eCOP” mobile application here at Raj Bhavan, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha declared the CCTNS (Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems) project of the J&K Police “Go-Live.” Speaking at the event, the Lt. Governor noted that the new technical innovations focused on the needs of the citizenry would contribute to the development of an all-encompassing and integrated system that will improve efficiency and effective police at all levels. Learn more about this brand-new application.

JK Police Mobile App

He recommended police officers to collaborate, use new technologies, and innovate for modern and effective policing, stating that the new efforts will undoubtedly boost the JKP’s quick reaction mechanism and assist the public in need. CCTNS will enhance the police’s function more citizen-friendly and transparent by automating the operation of police stations and providing multiple channels for accessing police services. All necessary Citizen Services are now available through the CCTNS Citizen Portal, which may be accessed at jkpoliceeservices.gov.in. It was also said that CCTNS has covered approximately 222 police stations and 106 higher offices to date.


All police-related public services will be available through the JK eCOP’ Mobile App. The app was created with the public’s needs in mind, as well as the seamless operation of the Police Department. The software includes features such as one-click access to identifying the local Police Station, a panic button for sending distress messages, and a list of all important hotline numbers. The public can file complaints, communicate information with police, report accidents and traffic violations, and take use of other Citizen Services. The public can also get real-time information about the status of the National Highway, safety tips for tourists, e-crime awareness, foreigners registration, senior citizens safety, yatra guidelines, and so on.

JK eCOP Uses

When informed of the status of the procedure to cover newly built Police Stations under CCTNS, the Lieutenant Governor directed officials to complete the process as soon as possible to ensure timely delivery of services to the inhabitants of J&K. The Lt Governor further encouraged the appropriate officials to investigate the feasibility of establishing a version of the ‘JK eCOP’ Application for all kinds of mobile phones so that the greatest number of people might benefit from it.

In addition, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha visited Baramulla to examine the district’s overall development scenario. The Lieutenant Governor also e-inaugurated digital kindergartens in the District’s 18 school zones. He advocated for concerted measures to reduce female student dropout rates and increase female literacy rates. He also inquired about the department’s different activities for students over the last year, such as community classes and other projects.

JK Police Mobile App

JK eCOP Features

Through this Mobile App, a citizen can make requests such as getting a character certificate, event performance, employee verification, or tenant or PG verification. This portal can also provide information about missing people and unidentified dead bodies, among other things.

Other traffic-related services are also offered to people through this App. These services include everything from reporting a traffic infraction to reporting an accident. The app’s information on highway status will assist citizens in planning their travel. Paying a challan online with this app will not only benefit citizens but will also reduce the department’s workload.

JK eCOP Responsibilities

According to the DGP, the decline in terrorist activity in Jammu and Kashmir over the past several years can be attributed to the combined efforts of the J&K Police and other security agencies. On the other hand, he gave orders for the officers to devise methods to eradicate the terrorist infrastructure and establish lasting calm in the area. For improved outcomes, he emphasised attention and dominating one’s area of operation.

The DGP has given the investigative officers orders to prioritise the most serious cases and come up with strategies to resolve them quickly and fairly. With increased workloads, the DGP has emphasised improving and bolstering SIUs at all district headquarters and has ordered the assignment of investigators and supervising officers. He gave orders for the officers to present suggestions to PHQ about how the SIUs should perform better. During their practical training, he suggested incorporating all of the probationary DySsP assigned to the Kashmir zone into these Units so that they could receive the proper instruction and acquire the necessary investigative knowledge and skills.

What Are DGP Thoughts On JK eCOP?

During the discussion, the top officers present offered suggestions for enhancing the investigation procedure. The DGP previously launched the “JK-eCop” Mobile App for iOS. The DGP applauded crime headquarters for taking this move and expressed optimism that the App’s upcoming IOS release will help to further close the trust gap between the police and the public by bringing police services to people where they live. He urged everyone, especially mothers, kids, and retirees, to download the app and use it. Furthermore, he requested that the police inform the public about the benefits of this app and the services it provides.

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