LIC IPO GMP – Date, Price Band, Lot Size, Allotment Status

LIC IPO GMP is everyone is looking up to but the IPO is yet to hit the market in May 2022, as per the expectation. The market is speculating the LIC IPO to be released in the next month. However, there is no official confirmation from the authorities. It is going to be one of the biggest IPOs in India so everyone wants to know the LIC IPO GMP or Grey Market Premium price. Below, we have shared complete information about the LIC IPO GMP such as the LIC IPO release date, per-share price, issue, date, LIC financial report, and more. Have a look.



Life Insurance Corporation is all set to enter the share market with its Initial Public Offer or IPO. The LIC IPO will enter the market in May 2022 as expected. However, the actual date has not been confirmed yet. It is one of the biggest IPO which will be taking place in the National as well as Bombay Stock Exchange. The IPO is about to raise approx ₹25,000 from the investors and it is going to be the biggest issue till now.

According to the information, the Indian govt will be selling its 5% stake in the LIC IPO and govt will be raising money from that 5% stake. The govt will be looking for a total of 316,249,885 shares. The share will be priced at ₹10 per share for the investors. Furthermore, there will be a fixed quote for the retail investor which will consume around 35% of the IPO.

Company Name Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)
IPO Status To Be Announced
LIC IPO Start Date 4th May 2022
LIC IPO Last Date 9th May 2022
LIC Per Share Price
₹902.00 – ₹949.00
IPO Lot Size
Listing Exchange National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE and NSE)
LIC IPO Application Rate ₹400
Expected Raise ₹25,000
Retail Investor Quote in LIC IPO 35%

The LIC IPO is a great investment opportunity for retail investors, as per the experts. However, the experts are concerned about the money that govt is raising with this IPO. Govt has not specified its goal to issue this money. Investors don’t know what this money will be used for. Whether, they will use it for LIC growth, or something else nothing is clear as of now.


As per the current LIC IPO GMP, the price is fluctuation and the current price is ₹25 per share. The LIC IPO GMP price is around 2.5 times the share price that LIC is going to issue for the retail investors.

Moreover, there is good news for the LIC policyholders. The LIC policyholders will be getting a quote to apply for the LIC IPO and they have a great opportunity to grab some LIC shares. According to various market experts and firms, the LIC IPO will hit the market on 04 May and it will likely get an issue cut of ₹21 thousand crores which will be a lot, looking at an Indian IPO.

Moreover, govt is diluting their 5% stake in the LIC IPO, so there will be a lot of chances that retail investors are going to be interested in this one. As of now, the Indian govt holds a total of 100% stake in LIC and there is no other angel investor in this company which is a good thing for the govt as well as LIC.


Should You Invest in LIC IPO?

According to the information, it is a great time to invest in the LIC IPO. The company is one of the market leaders in the industry and they are standing far from its competitors.

Apart from this, they have great profits in recent times. According to the LIC authorities, they had total assets of ₹40,434,596 as of Sept 30 and the total revenue was around ₹15,197. When it comes to the profit after filing the tax, the firm had a total profit of ₹15,040 which is great for a govt company.

There are a lot of promoters for the LIC company. For instance, there is the President of India will be promoting this IPO. Apart from that, there are multiple ministries in the Indian govt that will be promoting the company. Not just that, but the Indian govt will be the official promoter of the company.

LIC IPO GMP Prediction

When it comes to the LIC IPO GMP Prediction, then there are some key challenges that LIC is facing through their journey and these are some of the important points that you should definitely consider before subscribing to this IPO.

  • The new policies are not getting good market growth.
  • Private players are filling the gap in the market.
  • The margin on the product is really low.
  • The LIC business model is different from other companies so it is difficult to guess the LIC IPO GMP price.

So, this was all about the LIC IPO GMP. Hopefully, you will like our approach and you will get the allotment of your LIC IPO GMP. If you have any questions or suggestions, then do let us know in the comment section.

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