Rashtrapati Chunav Result 2022 Winning Candidate & Vote Share

Counting of the votes are going to take place from 11:00 a.m. on 21st July 2022. Today we are going to know the name of our 15th President of India. As we know that Rashtrapati Chunav Result 2022 is tentatively scheduled to be announced on 21st July 2022. Rashtrapati Election Result 2022 details can be obtained by visiting the official website of Election Commission of India. Voting for the presidential election was concluded on 18th July 2022. Tenure of current President “Ram Nath Kovind” is going to complete on 24th July 2022. Once the President Election Result 2022 will be announced, the winning candidate will take oath for the post of President of India on 25th July 2022.

Rashtrapati Chunav Result 2022 


The Election Commission of India will start the counting of votes from 11:00 am and it will be completed in the evening. Every single individual will be able to name our 15th President Of India once the Rashtrapati Chunav 2022 Result will be announced officially. Yashwant Sinha is from the side of Congress and its allies, while Bharatiya Janata Party has stood for Draupadi Murmu as its presidential candidate. Once the counting of votes will be completed, Rashtrapati Election 2022 Result will be announced officially. Candidate who gets a higher percentage than the other will be the next President of India. 

Fate of Yashwant Sinha and Draupadi Murmu will be decided with the announcement of the result. The value of the vote of Uttar Pradesh’s MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) is higher than other State MLA. Value of 1 vote of an MLA of Uttar Pradesh is 208, as per valuation of vote of a Member of Legislative Assembly, in the second number Jharkhand and Tamil Nadu comes. Value of an MLA of TN or Jharkhand is equal to 176. Post the completion of counting of votes, valuations will be done and Presidential Election Result 2022 will be announced officially.

President Election Highlights 2022

Country  India
Election  Indian President Election 2022
Presidential Candidates Yashwant Sinha & Draupadi Murmu
Voting Date July 18, 2022
Counting Date  July 21, 2022
Result Date  July 21, 2022
No. Of MPs Casted Vote 740
Mo. Of MLAs Casted Votes  4000+
Voting Percentage  99.18
Official Website  eci.gov.in

Rashtrapati Election Result 2022

To check the result of Indian Presidential Election 2022 you need to go through the process, which is listed below.

  • Go to the official website of the Election Commission of India at eci.gov.in/.
  • A banner of PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 2022 will be available on the official website, hit that banner and go to the next webpage.
  • Here, you will have an option related to the Rashtrapati Chunav 2022 Result tap on this and go to another webpage, here you will know the early trends of the result.

The name of the winning candidate will be announced officially by the evening. To Know the name of the 15th President of India, we have to wait till the evening.

Rashtrapati Chunav Result

President Election Result 2022

Once the Election Commission of India will release the all details of voting publically on its official website at eci.gov.in/, after the completion of 4,797 individual votes we will update the President Election Result 2022 details inside the table, which is available below.

Candidate Coalition Individual Votes  Electoral College Votes  Percentage %
Draupadi Murmu National Democratic Alliance TBA TBA TBA
Yashwant Sinha United Opposition TBA TBA  TBA
Valid votes TBA TBA TBA 
Blank and invalid votes TBA TBA TBA 
Total TBA TBA  100
Turnout 4,797 1,081,991

Note: 7,797 Members of Legislative Assembly and Members have voted, whose electoral college is equal to 1,081,991. Candidate (Yashwant Sinha or Draupadi Murmu) who gets a higher voting percentage, will be elected as the 16th President of India.

President Election 2022 Important Dates

Event Date
Release Date Of President Election Official Notification 15 June 2022
Last Date To Fill Nomination As A Presidential Candidate  29 June 2022
Nomination Scrutiny Date By The Election Commission of India  30 June 2022
Last Date For Withdrawal of Presidential Candidate  2 July 2022
Voting Date 18 July 2022
Counting Date 21 July 2022
Result Date 21 July 2022
Tenure Start Date  25th July 2022
Tenure End Date 24th July 2027

List Of Indian Presidents

List of 1st to 14th presidents of India is available below, by going through the table you can know the name of all our presidents.

1st Rajendra Prasadh
2nd Sir Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
3rd Zakir Husain
V. V. Giri
Mohammad Hidayatullah
4th V. V. Giri
5th Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed
B. D. Jatti
6th Neelam Sanjiva Reddy
7th Giani Zail Singh
8th R. Venkataraman
9th Shankar Dayal Sharma
10th K. R. Narayanan
11th A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
12th Pratibha Patil
13th Pranab Mukherjee
14th Ram Nath Kovind
15th To Be Elected 

Once the President Election Result 2022 will be announced officially, we will update the name of our 15th President of India.

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