Sell Old Note 20 Rupees Online, Learn Step-by-step Procedure

Many users don’t know but they can sell old note 20 rupees online on various websites for thousands and lakhs of rupees. From 5,000 to 3 lakh, you can sell old note 20 rupees online. However, the old note you are trying to sell should have specific features, which other common notes do not have. Below, we have shared complete information about the Sell Old Note 20 Rupees Online. Not just 20 Rupees note, but you can also sell 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 2000 rupees notes. Here is how.

Sell Old Note 20 Rupees Online

The sale of old currency is going bigger and better. Earlier it was only popular in the Europe and USA. However, now it is becoming popular in India as well. Most Pawnshops used to buy the old note with specific features in the USA, UK, Canada, and other such countries. However, this trend has reached India in the last few decades and collectors are now interested in the old currency.

Only the currency that holds specific or unique characteristics can be sold online. You can sell old note 20 rupees online on various websites and you can ask for thousands and lakhs of rupees against your old currency. 

Note ₹10, ₹20, ₹50, ₹100, ₹200, ₹500, and ₹2000
Process Bidding
Note Features 786 Digit, Unique Serial No, Mistake While Printing, etc.
Sell Old Note 20 Rupees Online Website eBay, BidCurious, Click India, and more
Sell Old Coin ₹ 1, 2, and 5

Your old currency should hold specific and unique characteristics like it can have 786 printed in its serial no. Moreover, it can have some printing mistakes or other such features. These features are helpful to identify a note or a coin as unique. Moreover, many collectors from around the world can be interested in your currency because of its uniqueness. 

The 786 is a popular number among the Muslim population. It is known to be their lucky no and the collector from around the world, especially from the Muslim population are interested in buying such notes or coins. 

How to Find Unique Old Notes to Sell Online?

To find a unique note or coin to sell online, you have to check the features of the note. There are various features that a note can have, and based on those features the price of the note or coin will be decided by the collector. The pricing can vary and will be completely negotiable depending upon the buyer and the seller, as they both have to mutually decide the pricing of the unique note.

786 Note

There are various notes that are printed with the no 786. The 786 should lie in the serial no of the note whether it is in the middle or in the last, but it should be consecutive. The 786 is a fortunate no for the Muslims, so there are many Muslims that are eager to buy such notes. 

Not only Muslims but there are people from around the world, which you can find on online selling websites like eBay, which are curious to buy such unique notes. You can get up to 3 lakhs for your note, depending upon the condition of the note. 

Sell Old Note 20 Rupees Online

Konark Chakra 20 Rupees Note

Apart from no 786, there are notes with Konark chakra which have been sold for lakhs of rupees online as well as offline. All these unique notes can be sold in the auctions which are conducted online only. There are various cases when the Konark Chakra notes have been sold for thousands and lakhs of rupees online.

Maa Vaishno ₹5 Coin

If you have a coin of ₹5 that has Maa Vaishno on it, can be sold for lakhs of rupees. The coin should have a picture of Maa Vaishno Devi on it. Moreover, the coin should be genuine and must have been issued only by the govt of India. No other coins can be sold for such a high price.

Printing Mistake on Note or Coin

There have been hundreds of notes or coins which get printed with some mistake. For instance, a note that has some typing mistakes, quality control mistakes, or other mistakes. Multiple such instances have already taken place. 

For instance, there was a note of ₹500 whose serial no was note printed on the right place was sold for ₹10,000. Such notes or coins are easy to find in comparison to the unique notes with 786 no or Konark Chakra on them.

How to Sell Old Note 20 Rupees Online?

To sell old note 20 rupees online, first of all, you need to find the right website. After that, you have to register on the website as a seller and then you can list the old unique note on it. But before doing all this, you should own such a unique note. Here is to sell old note 20 rupees online:

  • Go to eBay or any other selling website. 
  • Register yourself as a seller.
  • List the old unique note and upload some photographs of the note.
  • Decide the price and type some details about the note.
  • Publish the advertisement.

After publishing the note on the website, you will get multiple enquiries about it. If you find the buyer genuine, it would be advisable to meet him in person and sell your note.

So, this was all about the Sell Old Note 20 Rupees Online. Hopefully, you will like our approach and will be able to sell your note online. If you have any questions or suggestions, then do let us know in the comment area.

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