UK Prime Minister Election Results, Winning Candidate Name

If he loses against Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, the former British Indian Chancellor has stated that he will remain in Parliament and continue to serve the people of Richmond, Yorkshire. In the first hint at what may happen after Monday’s UK Prime Minister Election Results to succeed Boris Johnson as British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak indicated on Sunday that if he wins the Conservative Party leadership race, his role will be to support the incoming government. After losing the election to Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, the British Indian former Chancellor announced in his final interview with the BBC that he intends to remain in Parliament and continue representing the people of Richmond, Yorkshire.

UK Prime Minister Election Results

When asked what he would do if the election did not go his way, Sunak responded, “I look forward to helping the Conservative government in whatever capacity.” I intend to continue serving as a parliamentarian. He remarked, “It’s been an honour to serve as the Member of Parliament for Richmond in North Yorkshire, and I hope to continue doing so for as long as my constituents will have me.”

When asked if, after recovering from this campaign, he would contemplate another run for the prime ministership in a few years, he responded, “Gosh, we’ve just concluded this campaign and I need to heal from this one.” This is being taken as the first indication that the former finance minister, now 42 years old, realises he may not have won the Tory leadership contest. Given that he has not ruled out a future run, it is likely that if he is defeated by Truss this time, he may consider making another attempt to become the first British Prime Minister of Indian descent.

Tory Members UK Election

In most polls of Tory members voting to nominate a new leader to succeed Johnson, Sunak has lagged behind Truss after being the obvious favourite in the early knockout stages with the Tory MPs. Each contender has participated in a dozen hustings events across the UK in an effort to win over voters; the rising cost of living due to rising energy costs and inflation has been a central topic of discussion.

An estimated 160,000 Tory members voted in the leadership election, with the results currently being tabulated by the Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ). The winner will be announced on Monday at 12:30 pm local time by Sir Graham Brady, chair of the 1922 Committee of opposition benches Tory MPs and returning officer of the leadership contest.

UK Prime Minister Election Results

Boris Johnson UK Election

About ten minutes before the public announcement, the two finalists will find out who among them has won the contest for the top post at 10 Downing Street. At the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, close to Downing Street in central London, the freshly elected Tory leader will soon give a brief acceptance speech. The victorious candidate will spend the rest of Monday finalising his or her Cabinet positions.

On Tuesday morning, outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson will give a final farewell statement from the steps of Downing Street before being flown to Aberdeenshire in Scotland for his visit with the Queen to formally resign as head of government. Queen Elizabeth II, who is 96 years old and reducing her travel as she gets older, will formally appoint his successor as Prime Minister at her Scottish seat, Balmoral Castle, hours later.

UK New Prime Minister 2022

Once back at Downing Street on Tuesday afternoon, the newly installed Prime Minister will deliver an introductory speech before getting down to the business of naming important Cabinet jobs. On Friday evening, Tory members had to choose between former Chancellor Rishi Sunak of Indian descent and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss in order to officially succeed Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader and British Prime Minister. Over the past month, Sunak, 42, and Truss, 47, have squared off in a dozen hustings throughout the UK in an effort to sway the votes of an estimated 160,000 Tory voters.

While the British Indian former cabinet minister has predicated his campaign on getting a grip on skyrocketing inflation as an absolute priority, the foreign minister has guaranteed tax cuts from day one in administration.


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