Vasavi Jayanti 2022 – Rituals, Mantras, Quotes & Wishes

Vasavi Jayanti 2022 is one of the festivals celebrated across South India. The Vasavi Devi festival is celebrated for the incarnation of Sri Vasavi Devi Matha. Vasavi Devi Matha is also known as Sri Kanyaka Parmeshwari Devi in some regions of South India. Mostly, the Vasavi Jayanti 2022 festival is celebrated in the Telugu and Kannada regions of India. Below, we have shared complete information on the Vasavi Matha Jayanti festival 2022. From quotes, images, and WhatsApp status, to the Vasavi Mata Moola Mantra, we have covered everything.

Vasavi Jayanti 2022

Vasavi Jayanti 2022 is one of the annual festivals that is celebrated for the incarnation of Sri Vasavi Devi Matha. The date of celebration for the Vasavi Jayanti 2022 is May 11th, 2022. This year the Vasavi Jayanti 2022 is being celebrated on a broader scale across the country. 

The Vasavi Jayanti 2022 is widely popular among the Southern states of India. For instance, Kannada and Telugu speakers are the ones who celebrate this festival. The celebration date of Vasavi Matha Jayanti can vary depending upon the region and year, but it is being decided by the Hindu panchang.

Festival Name Vasavi Jayanti 2022
Festival Date Wednesday, 11th of May 2022
Significance of Festival Goddess Vasavi Appearance on Earth
Rituals of Vasavi Jayanti 2022 Sri Vasavi Devi Puja
Benefits of Vasavi Jayanti 2022 Gives us courage, wisdom, and intelligence
Other Names of Vasavi Devi Vasavi Matha, Vasavi Amman, Vasavi Prameshwari, Vasavi Kanyaka Parmeshwari

The Vasavi Jayanti 2022 comes with a lot of rituals which will be performed during the puja. For instance, people will perform the Sri Vasavi Devi Puja as a ritual of this festival. Apart from that, special sweets are being distributed among different regions and temples of the country that celebrate this festival.

Below, we have shared the Vasavi Jayanti 2022 Moola Mantra, Wishes, Quotes, Images, and WhatsApp status, have a look.

Vasavi Jayanti 2022 Moola Mantra

Goddess Vasavi Matha has no specific moola mantra which is being chanted on their Jayanti. However, there are some mantras which are related to the Vasavi Jayanti 2022. The one moola mantra that is being chanted on the Jayanti is the Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari mantra, which is as follows:

Om Vaasavyai Cha Vidmahe,

Kusuma Puthriyai Cha Dhimahi,

Thano Kanyakaa Prachodayaath.

Apart from this moola mantra, there are several other mantras that are being chanted on Vasavi Jayanti 2022. You can easily find the other mantras on the internet.

vasavi jayanti

Vasavi Jayanti 2022 Quotes

Vasavi Jayanti is one of the most important festivals in India, as it is enjoyed by Hindus all throughout the country. Every year, the event is celebrated with tremendous puja and rituals in temples, houses, and public places. People show their respects to Vasavi by offering her flowers, fruits, and sweets on this day.

In order to fully appreciate this occasion, we must first learn some important facts about Vasavi Jayanti’s 2022 quotes so that we can apply these lines to our celebrations this year.

  • Happy Vasavi Jayanti to all. May Goddess Vasavi bring peace and happiness to your life.
  • When your life is struggling and feeling like a puzzle, try putting it back together with Vasavi Matha. Happy Vasavi Jayanti to your family.
  • Vasavi matha is the protector of women and their happiness. Happy Vasavi Jayanti 2022.
  • Wishing you Progress, Happiness, and fortune on the occasion of Vasavi Jayanti.
  • We wish you a new life filled with joy, happiness, and good fortune on the occasion of Vasavi Jayanti.
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Vasavi Jayanti 2022 Wishes

Vasavi Jayanti 2022 wishes are all around on the Internet. You can find thousands of wishes on social media. But here are some of the Vasavi Jayanti 2022 wishes that you might not have heard or seen before.

  • Spring is in the air, fresh blossom is everywhere. Sending you my warm wishes on the occasion of Vasavi Jayanti 2022.
  • As nature is turning into the bright shades, may your life turns into happy shades too. Happy Vasavi Jayanti 2022.
  • Let’s make merry and dance to the beautiful melody of nature on the occasion of Vasavi Jayanti
  • All around are the beautiful sites, flowers, birds, and beautiful kites, Vasavi Jayanti truly delights. Happy Vasavi Jayanti.
  • Hours are few too, days are busy too, seconds are fast too, but there is always time for me to say hello to someone like you. Smile and enjoy Vasavi Jayanti.
  • May the revered occasion of Vasavi Jayanti bring you wealth and knowledge. Happy Vasavi Jayanti.
  • May you be blessed by Vasavi Matha and all your wishes come true. Happy Vasavi Jayanti.

So that was everything there needed to know about Vasavi Jayanti 2022 Quotes, Wishes, Images, WhatsApp Status, Moola Mantra, and more. Hopefully, you will like our approach and will have all of the necessary information for Vasavi Jayanti 2022. If you have any further questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments area below.

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